Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Home Construction

The upstairs bathroom floor began peeling off of the floor.  The laminate gave up the ghost.

So one thing led to another and I have changed the whole "look" there.   New vanity, mirror, vanity wall re-painted, and more.  Today the guy that does demo (demolition) is coming at 8:30 a.m. and Fred the cat who will help by secreting himself in the storage under the stairs and not come out until an hour or more after the guys are gone.  Streaky the cat will only nap on her chair cozily ensconced in her special cushion.  She's 17 and doesn't freak out in construction.

To remove a floor, it has to be absolutely bare naked.  Our upstairs is now tore up from the floor up literally.  The streamlined scales (for weighing the cats - we have one that needs to gain weight and the other to lose a pound or so) is resting against the living room divan to give but one example.  The vacuum cleaner is now on the balcony.

It is said to be a two day job and then we get the joy of discarding that which is useless and then filling up the new vanity.

You've been there and quite possibly with worse horror stories than one small upstairs half-bath.  The saying of which just jinxed the whole damned project.

Onward, anyhow.  It will be a stunner - soft grey and white like a Cape Cod beach cottage.

If I'm right.

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