Monday, June 3, 2019

Walt Disney Would Have Merchandised His Grandma - and Probably Did!

Comes a new volume from Disney.  It's titled "Eat Like Walt - The Wonderful World of Disney Food" compiled by Marcy Carrihur Smothers.  $35 for 171 pages.

However:  you don't come to the actual recipes! until page 148.  Which are comprised of basically a combo Great and Glorious World of Walt Disney His Own Self! and the Wonderful History of Disneyland Through the Years!

It is basically an info ad and the book should have been free because that's all it is.

Under a general heading of "So you want to drink like Walt?"    Here's his tipple

Crushed ice
2-3 oz. Canadian Club or Black and White Scotch (I believe it's the one with a little black and a little white terrier of some sort on the label,  haven't seen it in a donkey's years.)
Twist of lemon peel or slice of orange (get those vitamins in!) and a long silver spoon to mix them.

Out of a kindness in my heart, will spare you Mickey Mouse Macaroni and Cheese.  It involves boiling the yellow cheese in milk.  In today's world, we have Velveeta as God intended for mac and cheese  and whatever-and-cheese omelets.

It is a big book and probably tips the scales at 8 lbs.  Awkward to lug, so why bother?

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