Friday, June 7, 2019

When Posh Goes Semi-Plebian ...

That's the time to look alert.  In this case I'm referring to a veddy fancy and normally expensive restaurant.  Add in a wonderful ocean, and Redondo Beach Pier view for even more value for the money.  Such is Kincaid's, situated at 500 Fisherman's Wharf.    It's a big restaurant with a summertime outdoor patio.

And very expensive.  Last night was our third visit (and they didn't know it, but their third shot at keeping us as customers.)  What was wrong? you ask?  Outrageous prices and snotty servers.  In fairness, we knew it was pricy before we ever walked in the door.  But Waiters With Attitude was not on the menu I looked up online.   Being snubbed by the help was a new experience and certainly not what I did during my brief foray as a waitress at The Mermaid, Hermosa Beach (six weeks.)

But for the opportunity to eat a three-course Kincaid's Dinner for $29, it was very worthy of a look-see.  So Jay and Barbra and we met up there.  No waiting, right to a comfortable window booth with a friendly waiter (!)  A promising start which continued.  Look for the Early Dining Menu which is 3 to 5:30 p.m.

Pull up a chair and see what appeals to you - Appetizers
Clam Chowder

Broadway Pea Salad composed of peas, water chestnut slivers, crumbled bacon in a creamy pepper dressing served on a couple of leaves of butter lettuce that had they been any fresher, I would have had to slap them.

Iceberg lettuce wedge; choice of dressings

Wagyu Meat Loaf with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes* roasted rainbow carrots, smoked mushroom and a cabernet demi-glace.

Aged 40 days Wagyu Sirloin with crispy Green onion potato cakes*  Roasted green and  cannelli beans with slivered almonds and a mustard aioli. and  $3 extra for Wagyu

Beer Battered Cod with Chips, house artichoke caper tartar sauce.

Key Lime pie or Burned Cream fresh fruit.  The French major here asked what "burned cream" might be and was told by our still-friendly server, "Crème Brulee."  Yeah.

All four of us asked what "Wagyu" was?  Meant? and were told it's the same meat as Kobe, but bred and raised here; Kobe comes from Japan.  The cattle there are pampered beyond belief - offered beer to drink and cow masseuses.  Wagyu is just raised like .. well, a cow.  Both are believed to be extra flavorful as they are well-marbled.  I remarked to no one in particular that I didn't think I'd want to eat cow that had been messed with (massage parlors are unappealing somehow.)    My meat loaf was juicy, much more so than a non-Wagyu slice - this was a square portion as if it had been made in a very large, very deep sheet cake pan and then cut into squares, sauced and served.  Richie said his steak didn't live up to the tenderness touted by the waiter who implied it could be cut with a butter knife.

* I asked if I could trade Yukon for green onion crispy cakes?  "No problem!  Of course!"  I think that management has somehow bred (or beat) the snottiness out of the servers.

Our tab:  Bombay Sapphire dirty gin martini, up. $13
Beefeater Gin and Tonic $10
Cabernet  $12
Valdo Sparkling Prosecco  $11
Sirloin $32
Meatloaf $29
$107 before tax, $120 after.

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