Thursday, June 6, 2019

A Weakness for French Lunches

And - bonus points:
  Classique with Ham and Swiss Cheese
   Nordique with salmon, cream cheese, capers, onion and dill

Savory Specialties
   French Onion Soup
   Croque Madame composed of ham, bechemal sauce (cream gravy essentially) Swiss chese and a sunny-side up egg.  Richie had this with a starter of vegetable soup.

The lunch special was Quiche Lorraine ($9) which pleased me as it is an old favorite.  The side orders include mixed greens, fruits and "potato waffles" which I seized upon never having heard of such a thing.  I had visions of hash browns only to be presented with a waffle made out of - Mashed potatoes.  Now if had come with a little pitcher of brown gravy … but it didn't.  I tried filling the pockets with some of Richie's soup, but no improvement whatsoever - for both.

The menu ranges on through a French ham sandwich ( baguette, butter and piles of ham.)  paninis, croissants

But the first thing that caught my eye were baskets of vertical baguettes (normal) and ficelles which are best-described as a baguette after a diet - ficelle means "string" in French.  GRAB!  Here in the South Bay it's rare enough to find a "real" baguette never mind a ficelle.

Pinwheel French Café and Bakery
2553 PCH, Torrance 90505

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