Saturday, June 8, 2019

Semi-Surly Vacationers Get Home; Complain

A Brit complains:  It took nine hours for us to fly home from Jamaica; for Americans only three - This seemed unfair.

At a Game Lodge I saw a visibly aroused elephant - this sight ruined my honeymoon!  It made me feel inadequate!

A side bar - his wife saw it, too, and left him for the elephant.

The beach was too sandy!  When we returned to the room, we had to clean everything.

They went to Goa and complained thusly:  there was curry in every restaurant and I hate spicy foods!

I wanted twin beds, but they gave us a king instead.  I got pregnant which would not have happened if I'd gotten the room I wanted.

The brochure for the BNB said everything provided, but there was no egg slicer in the utensils drawer.

The pictures in the brochure showed white sand but it was really yellowish.

The convenience store next door did have proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger nuts.

And the best - a sign on a beach in Bali:
We don't have wi-fi.
Talk to each other
Pretend it's 1995

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