Saturday, June 15, 2019

Now This Is A Real Senior Prom!

"How so?" you ask with a quizzical facial expression.

These are "senior proms" with a formal dinner, dancing, live music (somebody's cousin's band who is just starting out) and King and Queen of the Senior Prom - and all of it is just for senior citizens.

The difference between high school seniors and an adult (very adult) senior prom is that you can have a cocktail before dinner.  Having a shot before dinner, someone remarked, really gets our guests out on the floor - even if wheelchair confined!  Rubber positively squeaks during their elaborate turns on the dance floor.

Very often volunteers - from the immediate neighborhood or high school seniors - help by serving food or partnering a senior on the floor or simply sit in the "wallflower corner" and chat with those that prefer not to hit the floor (literally in some cases.)  

I think it sounds like a dynamite entertainment for those who didn't live where it was a custom, or a war separated them from participating  and have consequently never been to one.

No dress, ladies of Staten Island?  Visit which offers more than 350 formal outfits, free of charge.   You can make a sartorial donation at any of the four Applebee's bar and restaurants there.  Interestingly enough Applebee's caters these events.

I like the mixing of teens and nots.  Both have much to learn from one another.  And that's always a good thing.

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