Saturday, June 29, 2019

Breakfasts of Champions? You Be the Judge

I don't know where I was in cyberspace (a not infrequent situation) when I ran across an article about what Melania Trump eats for breakfast.  Got a pencil?  A "Green Smoothie" consists of:
Olive oil
Flax seeds
Omega 3
Vitamin D

I'd think it would take most of the morning to compose this (I can't call it a dish.)  Vegetable prep would be extensive unless you kept bags of the various ingredients in the refrigerator ready to whip the hell out of them.   I believe the White House provides the help to do it.

So then I got to wondering about the other First Wives and set off exploring.

Hillary Clinton - scrambled eggs.  The version pictured looked like they'd been scrambled in pure butter and quite a bit of it to see them.

Michelle Obama - scrambled egg, turkey sausage and fresh grapefruit; it wasn't said whether it was whole pieces or juice.

Laura Bush's famous love of privacy extended to what the hell she might eat for her breakfasts in or out of the WH. Even with extensive Googling nothing came up.

You can also find President's breakfasts; more First Ladies, the menus for State dinners at the White House and who was being honored and a great deal more regarding food - recipes such as George Washington's Corn Pancakes, so-and-so's muffins and on and on.  Will close now as getting hungry and a nice pair of scrambled eggs cooked in butter sounds appealing.  Butter being one of my favorites.  Another dish for winter system starters … scrambled eggs with creamed chipped beef poured lavishly over it .. beats the shit out of oatmeal.   I recommend it.

But as for what Laura Bush ate for breakfast or not, you're on your own.

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