Monday, June 10, 2019

If Catios, Why Not Doggios?

There is so often something new … today springs the "catio" on us.  This is, essentially, a Florida Room or large screened-in outdoor room.  The purpose of it is to keep your cats (notoriously curious about the world around them) in a safe environment.  Walled-off from predators (So. Calif. coyotes, for example), poisons set out for pest riddance...a good idea and timely, too.

If you don't have unlimited sums of money to make it big enough for you and your cats, just create an interesting space for the cat(s).    They are useful for keeping your neighbors calm - you know, the ones who rant and rave, "Your cat is destroying my yard!"  It should also be a form of natural population control.  If you put enough "stuff" in this addition, the cat(s) should be amused and getting in a cat's amount of needed exercise.  Kittens bounce around; a 17 year old cat does not.

Okay, all good things for all concerned.  Why can't this be done for the so-easily-preyed upon small dogs?  Their yapping isn't really a good defense system.  Coyotes are truly a major threat to them.

And you could go nuts on Dog Décor - strings of lights shaped like dog bones... space for a fake fireplug … it seems only fair to protect them, too.

Fair play for our animals!  Visit Lowe's or Home Depot today!


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