Friday, November 30, 2018

Sister Theotine, You're BUSTED!

This morning's Daily Breeze front paged this headline:

"2 nuns blamed in thefts at school"  followed by this information. Monsignor Michael Meyers, the pastor at St. James Catholic Church, Redondo Beach, said that a letter arrived that alleged that  two Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet had, over years, appropriated substantial sums for their private use from the St. James School, Torrance.  The article went on to say that the nuns were abjectly sorry and no one was at the moment planning on suing anyone.

Reactions - a NUN stole?   What in HELL is for "personal use" for a nun?   Victoria's Secret underpants?  Upgrade from Trader Joe's $5 wines to $15?  Generous donations for praise?  Your ideas?

I await with some interest this list...

Of note:  There really was a Sister Theotine.  She was Richie's great aunt, sister of his great grandfather.  She entered the convent as a fully-fledged nun in her teens and  died aged 90 or 91 - no one can remember - in said convent.  She taught math at a girls' business school. When the Pope said the ladies could wear more modern clothing, Sister Theotine ignored this well-meant directive and insisted on the full black and white ensemble until the end of her days.  In a group shot, she would have looked like a very large bat...  Richie and his brother dreaded her infrequent visits as she was a martinet of the first order.  Posture, shirt tails - in or out - table manners and a great deal more were noted and remarked upon and difficult math tests were issued all the days of her very long  life.

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