Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Full Gravy Boat Lifts All Spirits

Perhaps it's due to having grown up in the Midwest when gravy is very often a dish on the dinner table or just an instinctive love of it, isn't known.  It was  the first thing my mother taught me too cook when I was 12 years old.  Unfortunately Ironing Lessons came along about the same time - easy stuff, to be sure, sheets, pillowcases and my Dad's boxer shorts. So much for my pitiable childhood stories of forced labor.

In a section of Parade (I think) last Sunday, there is a series entitled  "What America Eats" and it was fancy-pants sandwiches made the day after T-Day.  One of them that caught my eye called for using waffles made from stuffing as the BREAD of the sandwich - that also contained barbequed turkey, crisp bacon and cranberry jalapeno mayonnaise.

"Hmmm," I thought.  "Waffles from stuffing …"  Why not serve them with the real meal?  Think of all the gravy those little holes could hold …

So:  make your favorite dressing (here we have 1 in. baguette cubes, lavished with chicken broth, chopped red onion, and lashings of white or rainbow pepper and plenty of sage)  and while it sits, get out the waffle maker (everyone has one - classic wedding gift) and brush the grill with the oil of your choice.   When done, stack them on a tray or pan  and put in the oven with the turkey to stay warm until ready to be eaten.

Mentally, I am blissfully pouring gravy  into waffle holes! Let the level of the gravy boat rise!

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