Monday, November 26, 2018

"I Was the Prius In The Porsche Parking Lot"

So writes Daily Breeze restaurant reviewer Merrill Shindler in this morning's edition.

He was talking about his visit to the Porsche Experience Center, Carson,  on Main near where the 405 meets the 110.   Located on 53 acres, the building houses the headquarters of Porsche North America, displays of historic cars and a look into the workshop  team at work.  There are also three tracks to test drive a Porsche in varying configurations with a choice of models.

Model prices vary, but the 911 Turbo is yours for 90 minutes and $500 or $5.50 per minute on the track.  If you plan to have lunch there ($75 per person average cost) may I suggest "driving" the simulator for 30 minutes for $35?

After touring the gift shop, you feel a little hungry?  The 917 CafĂ© offers rather upscale-priced victuals.  "Aw, just a burger and fries," you murmur.  May I direct your attention to the Kobe Burger, composed of the following - Roasted red pepper aioli, butter lettuce, smoked bacon, tomato, a confit of raclette cheese and "frites" (French fries to the rest of us.) Oh, that'll be $20 please.

Shindler was most impressed by the butter offered - shaped like a Porsche (two) on a plate with a little mound of sea salt.  For maybe $10 you could ask for an order of rolls and butter?  Or - I bet the gift shop carries Porsche-shaped butter molds.  Buy one of those and at home,  stuff it with I Can't Believe It Isn't Butter.  Budget Porsche Butter!

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