Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Other Thanksgiving Traditions Rarely Mentioned As Such -- But They Are

And so this morning, we are reminded of more traditions than turkey starring in dinner menus.

The media is helpfully cranking up the angst with photos of such as the 405 freeway at night - a double ribbon - white headlights going north and another ribbon  of red taillights going south towards LAX.

Overbooking airlines with resultant bad feelings throughout airports; the mandatory shot of wanna be travelers sleeping on the floor; suitcases as pillows.  A photo can't show it, but there is incessant noise - from the change of gate announcements, the reminder that you cannot park in front of the airport entrance, screaming children, yelling adults and crying babies.

The East Coast weather (always bad and predicted to get worse) slowing or delaying flights; scare headlines that predict no Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade due to high winds or snow storms …

None of this is "news" because it all happens every year and is definitely a Thanksgiving Day holiday tradition.

More's the pity.

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