Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Public Warning

Monday while wending our way through the aisles at Target in search of space heaters, we passed men's wear.  Richie was foraging ahead of me which was just as well because this item caught my eye:

A Christmas fabric had been used to make a suit for a man.  I am talking regular pants and a blazer jacket.  In Christmas cotton fabrics of green pine trees with gold bells with scarlet ribbons … mini-Santa sleighs … to be worn over (as they showed) a white t-shirt.

I was enchanted.  What a grand gesture they would make at a Christmas party, office party, your local, the supermarket, CVS...  but perhaps not out to dinner at a "nice" restaurant until two days before Christmas.

The price on this triple-piece*  male attire?  $49.99   Target.  Dirt cheap for something that would be useful for years!  There's a Halloween every year just as there is a Christmas, you know...

Richie had doubled back to spur me forward so I pulled out a hangar, showing it to him and said I'd buy it for him if he wanted it.  He emphatically did not.

But I do.  Just the jacket - over, say, dark green corduroy pants and a white fleece top … smart!  Chic!  Funny!  Yes.

But realizing this kind of outerware isn't everyone's cuppa, I thought it only polite to warn you mine may be appearing soon in your worst nightmares.

*  Didn't say whether the white t-shirt is included.

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