Wednesday, November 14, 2018

"If You Can't Say Something Nice, Don't Say Anything At All "

The above quote could be from any one of our mothers.  So, not for the first time, I will try to foil (!) my own mother, by saying as much "nice" as I reasonably can and still get something to write about for today.

Here goes.

It is a very large room, made to look even larger by the vast paned windows that stretch all the way across the space, overlooking an outdoor rectangular patio and the street.  The bar is to your right as you enter and the dining area - wood tables, bar height and normal -size dining tables and chairs, all of which is dominated by a HUGE TV screen that must measure 6 or 7 ft. tall and 8 or 10 ft. wide.  I joked to our server (a very personable guy) "I congratulate you on having a TV Stevie Wonder could watch!" and he roared.

Happy hour prices are properly lower than normal as evidenced by my $2 dirty gin martini, but it was served in a flat champagne glass, not a flute.   Richie had a Citra ale $8, and "D" a glass of Sky Fall Cabernet Sauvignon $9.  Those finished, "D" had a second and Richie his first.  The wines were $27 for three.  In addition to my $2 martini, I had a glass (smallish) of De Luca prosecco. $8

With our drinks, they ate (and clearly enjoyed) the Chicken Tenders, $5, and I joined them in the order of house-seasoned French fries , $4, which were nicely crisp.

"D" ordered and ate with enthusiasm, the Fish Taco, soft shell, $9, and Richie the Tavern Burger, $12.50, and I the grilled cheese sandwich of white Cheddar on cranberry/walnut bread which arrived on a square wooden plate, neatly quartered and burned.  $12.50.  A bit price-y I thought for two slices of bread and some cheese, whatever they grilled it in (and semi-charred) and NO side dishes.

The tab was $96 of which $59 was the bar.  So never mind my whine about a grilled cheese sand for nearly $13.  It was a good flavor pairing and now we can all make them at home for considerably less.

The Laurel Tavern
1220 Hermosa Beach, Hermosa Beach 90254  Take a gander at your own risk - the online and on site menus are different.



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