Wednesday, October 24, 2018

World Class World Series Betting

Friends of ours are great Dodger fans.  Their friends, on Nantucket Island, are equally as great Red Sox fans.  In a challenge that proves both their faithful fandoms, they have decided that the below will be awarded to the winners.    

In this corner, we have the Boston Red Sox represented by a crate of New England Clams, to be shipped special food express, to the winners.  

Representing the Los Angeles Dodgers - 

10 in. tall Oscar statue
Felt baseball hat
See's Candy
Angel City Gourmet Coffee
City Lights skyline tote bag - presumably to carry it all 
Route 66 In and Out Burger t-shirts
The Napa Valley Wine is not possible as it is not permitted to ship Alcohol into Massachusetts.   

This sounds like a fun thing to do rather than cold cash.  Not that there's anything wrong with that … 

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