Friday, October 26, 2018

The Washington Gossiper

A gossiper is considered as one who relishes talk about other people's private lives.  Sign me up!

Particularly in matters historical.  I like the details.  An example:  Abraham Lincoln was wearing a pair of polka-dot long johns, a gift from his wife who had winked and said, "Don't forget to stop by and thank me, Abe-y, when you get home from the theatre."    Much more interesting.

First in Line by Kate Andersen Brower    336 pages   $28.99  is an example of detailed gossip concerning itself with the relationships between US Presidents and their Vice Presidents.

Sample chapter headings - From Senator to Subordinate - The Story of Nixon,/Eisenhower, Johnson/Kennedy (Bobby Kennedy hated Johnson, Jack was more forgiving) and Humphrey/Johnson.

Getting to Know You … or Not:  Mondale/Carter, Carter, Bush/Reagan and Quayle/Bush.

From Friendship to Betrayal:  the Breakup of Al Gore and Bill Clinton

Her style is engaging, she admits to no bias and, indeed, seems fair in her reporting.  If this was just a one-party rant, (either one)  I wouldn't be suggesting it as a good read.

Brower has written two previous books of similar nature, "First Woman; the Grace and Power of America's First Ladies - Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama"

The one I am going to try to get while we're  at tomorrow's Redondo Beach Library Book sale is "The Residence" which promises to be a dish of pure delight because staff at the White House Tell All.  Delish!  .Hurry Saturday!

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