Monday, October 8, 2018

A Midweek Long Weekend

Tomorrow we fly to Las Vegas, meet dear friends (and fellow rowdies) Red and Barbara in Baggage Claim - they're coming in from DFW, pick up the rental car and drive over to Paris Casino for lunch out on the patio at Mon Amie Gaby, which is, I think Barbara's favorite restaurant in the world.

Lunch lolled over, back into the rental car and off the 90 miles to Laughlin.  Can't check in to the Golden Nugget (river view rooms $70/night) until 4 p.m. so this should all work out very well.

We all like Laughlin these days because Vegas has gone insane with fees, charges, costs and a great deal more.  Such as no free casino parking anymore???  What's up with that?

Laughlin, with it's pleasant stroll along the Colorado River, admiring the fish which crowd to the bank to get the fish food one buys at little wood vending machines to give them … so densely packed are these carp that I once saw a river rat run across their jammed-together backs to get at the food, too!

You do trade off in some areas - no Gordon Ramsey, Bobby Flay, and other hot names; instead you get such as the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.   On the other hand, Willie Nelson comes in the day after we leave so it's not all Tribute bands and singers.

There are water taxis to get from Don Laughlin's Riverside to Aquarius at the other end of the modest Strip.  Boat tours up to Hoover Dam and down to the London Bridge.  There's stables for horseback rides, a miniature golf thing for laughs and insults, and of course, accusations of cheating, and more ... all suitable for the 50+ crowd.  And in our case, older.

The weather is projected to be mid-80s, so the outdoor pool will be usable.  The sun isn't strong enough to burn, but sunscreen anyhow.

YAY for midweek long weekends!

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