Friday, October 19, 2018

Dahling, Those Are SO post-WW1!

I see you looking at your new watch - Patek Phillippe?  Did you know they used to be called "wristlets"?  And they weren't popular until after the War?  Pocket watches weren't very handy for the generals who had to be on top of the time for coordinating attacks in the field.  When the war ended, there were a lot of guys who wanted one, too.  And they've reigned ever since.

Is that a Burberry trench coat?  I thought so.  Studying to be a spy?  I see.  They were developed to keep soldiers warm and dry in their trenches hence the name.

Your zipper is undone … and before WW1 they were called "slide fasteners" but the military requested they be used (and called zippers) on flight suits and money belts - of particular importance because Navy uniforms didn't come with pockets!  

Everything old is new again...ain't it the truth.

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