Monday, October 29, 2018

Re-Visiting Laughlin or Pictures At Last

We are somewhat indolent when it comes to getting photos of a trip developed.  Richie will wait until we're going somewhere else and I will say, "Oh, well, might as well dump the phone shots, too.

With no further adieu...The Don Laughlin Car Collection - $2 per person.  The view from our room of the river.  It was mesmerizing.  Next are happy boaters (read: tourists) aboard the USS Riverside fan deck.
The fried deviled eggs with remoulade sauce.  Deviled my sweet patootie!

Our waiter explained the Gump signs - if you want something flip so the red shows - "Any server in the area will immediately come to your table to see what you need.  The blue side tells the server, Go on about your bidness; we're fine here'."  River views...

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