Thursday, October 25, 2018

Doggy Bag Dinners Can Be Rather Exotic

A case in point - yesterday I was quietly humming to myself because I'd pulled off a double and neither involved either of us being in the kitchen. 

The monthly French class luncheon at Scotty's on the Strand.  They know us there "Reservation for 12 for lunch 12 noon" and so far they haven't thrown us out.  Richie had his favorite - huevos ranchero - and cleaned his plate.  Thinking ahead, I ordered and ate two slices of pepperoni pizza, "Yes, a box please," visions of laziness drifting through my conscious.  

The monthly conference re the Dodgers, chances of resurgence, most recent game played discussed in excruciating detail with Mouton, "D" and us.  I pay no attention to any of it.  I am decidedly not a fan of this Great American Pastime(as others call it.) Tonight's exploration was to Long Beach and Mouton's recommendation - Panxa Cocino, 3937 E. Broadway, Long Beach ( which bills itself as Southwestern.

It's a sophisticated room with rather dim lighting which does give off the light found in a cathedral in Spain possibly coming from the setting sun shining through a stained glass window in the bar area.  Comfortable roomy booths with a scattering of wooden tables and chairs.  And the furniture is set out for maximum privacy and as a result, it is a quiet place!  Even in the bar with a World Series game going on!  

As always we started with drinks - a beer, two wines - one red, one white and a split of sparkling wine from Spain.  To go with them I ordered house chips with three "seasonal" salsas - black bean with a sprinkle of chopped tomato and onion, a green tomatillo and the usual thick-ish red salsa. $5 and our server had to go get us more chips.  Which he happily did.  Food and cheerful service here by all concerned.  

The green chile honey cornbread was more like a dessert and it arrived at the table as a round loaf, huddled in its own little pot with a glaze on top.  $6 and that's for dinner tonight.    

For dinner itself … Southern-style breaded, honey chile lime with morita aoli.  $14 and there were at least a dozen (or a few more) shrimp.  And they weren't bay shrimp either!  They will be on the table tonight.  

Richie's leftover Burrato and Pork Adovada with black beans, pickled vegetables and salsa will be joining the cornbread and shrimp.  $22

Mouton loves him some lamb and he cleaned up his plate of chile, honey lamb shanks. $24 

 I'm pretty sure that Dee ordered the braised short ribs because they are a dish I know he is partial to - Dominique's Kitchen (previously reviewed) puts one out that he raved about. These came with soft polenta, salsa verde, tomato and bleu-cheese stuffed shishito peppers.  No leftovers for him. $24

The total tab for the four of us came to a modest $139.92 Given the high quality of the food to say nothing of how good it all was, that's mild enough for anyone.  

And it also provides dinner tonight for two people so six people for $140 is not bad at all!  You can economize by eating out!  


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