Wednesday, October 3, 2018

SURPRISE! Our Godson Fabien!

Tony's on the Pier - Mom Michelle - we fed them; don't worry!
This our godson Fabien.

Yesterday afternoon, someone banged on our security door and Richie went down to see who or what it could be and there was … FABIEN!  He wanted to surprise me and he succeeded!  Fabien is normally at his house in Loctudy, Bretagne, France, which is not exactly around the corner … 

He and best friend Fred, both video artists, were in town - Fred was doing a video and Fabien had some vacation time.  They were in Joshua Tree day before yesterday and today back to Venice Beach - Fabien wanted to surf a little and both wanted to film the denizens of Venice.  The water is too cold so photography only.  

Fabien is holding an album from our visit there in 2016.

On the way to Tony's on the Pier for dinner.    Am trying to pull up a picture of Fred.  Other than his left arm. They look very much alike possibly because being friends from age 8 to 10?  Fred got the front because he is slightly taller than Fabien.  

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