Monday, October 1, 2018

Rumors of Murphy Divorce Unfounded

I only slept upstairs in Himself's Recliner last night because I discovered that I cannot sleep in our bed due to coughing and laryngitis pain.  At midnight, I had to remove myself from the marital bed and slip upstairs to get any sleep at all.

Showing an unexpected (by us) interest, both cats wandered by to see if by chance I was resting up to feed them all over again.  Alas.

If I'm not significantly better by 2 p.m., going to pop in on Urgent Care for that great cough syrup made largely out of codeine.  Or was it "cocaine"?  It could be rat poison if it would remove my symptoms.  Come to think of it, rat poison would pretty much take care of this abysmal situation altogether.

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