Friday, October 5, 2018

A Different Cuisine To Try ...

The food critic at the Easy Reader, Richard Foss, touted this in yesterday's weekly paper.

Australian cooking of which this area is not rife.  Fork-In-Pie is a mini-chain and "ours" is located at 11918 Aviation, Inglewood.  Web site is which contains a menu as well.

The big thing is apparently meat and vegetable "pies" or:  the goods are encased in pie shell material - like a chicken pot pie.  These "pies" are not Cornish Pasties which originally were pocket warmers for Cornish miners.

The ingredients of some of these pies struck me as somewhat dubious as to taste.  Chicken legs with curry; a vegetarian samosa-type … and this is what they do with barbecued pulled pork - into the shell with a topping of Three Mac and Cheese - bleu, cheddar and Parmesan with a dollop of truffle oil to finish.  They were doing well with me until I saw the bleu cheese.

But quite possibly we can all agree on the efficacy of Lamington Cake which is squares of sponge cake, dipped in chocolate and then rolled gently in dried coconut.  The origins of this cake are largely credited to a Lord Lamington who was the governor general of Australia back in the day.  It was actually his chef who did the heavy lifting.  Faced with unexpected guests with nothing much for dessert, he created the above.  Lady Lamington credited her Lord in her biography.  Sympathy for the chef...

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