Monday, August 29, 2016

Time Travel - Back to the January 1997 Issue of George

Richie is happily sorting through his old treasures (trash to me) and from time to time (he's going at it a bit leisurely for my taste) he brings me something of interest like a dog bringing back a toss toy.

Thus this column.  George was JFK, Jr.'s ill fated venture in magazine publishing and he billed George as "not just politics as usual."  Which it wasn't.  When he ran a laudatory cover on Gerry Adams, Irish bastard, my published letter started off "That pious murderer!"

Anyhow, let us trip forward to today.  In this January 1997 issue is a feature titled "Future Shocks" which leaps forward to speculation about what will be in the year 2000.  As this is an election year and certain candidates are still here, I found it moderately interesting.

Herewith, some comments.
Dick Morris)
Who will be the next non-politician to enter the political arena?
     Princess Di  (Patricia Ireland, Pres. NOW)
     Mel Gibson  (Bay Buchanan, CNBC's Equal Time)
     Politics will be something a very rich guy buys for his wife - so, Marla Maples (Al Franken)

What will Hillary Rodham Clinton be doing in the year 2000?

Setting up a foundation to benefit children (Dick Morris)
Looking forward to the end of their administration (Patricia Ireland)
Planning her run for the Arkansas Senate (Al Franken)
Losing to Al Gore in the New Hampshire (Michael Kelly, ed. The New Republic)
Working in the laundry at Lewisburg G.Gordon Liddy)
Publishing a hair magazine(Tavis Smiley, author)
She will be president at Yale where she'll serve tea and cookies.  (Margaret Colson, columnist)

Clearly this Hillary Is A Crook business goes back quite a ways.  Interesting.

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