Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lesbian Farmers To Get Recognition

I wish I were creative enough to come up with things like this.  I'm not and we all know it.  (See previous columns for indisputable truth of this statement.)

"Feds Holding Summits for Lesbian Farmers - USDA Wants to Change Image of Farmers from "white, rich, males."

First of all, it has never been my pleasure to meet a  rich farmer, any gender, of whatever color.  Farming is historically one of the toughest of livings to make, not only for the hard physical labor involved, but also for the fact that every farmer alive is at the mercy of Mother Nature who often isn't.

These seminars are being held at the behest of the US Agricultural Department and Cyndi Lauper.
No, you didn't misread the preceding line.  Why or how Ms. Lauper got involved in farming was not revealed in the articles I read.  Maybe she just has a soft spot in her heart for brawny women in overalls - who knows?

Now let us establish the data available regarding US farmers:

There are 2.2 million American farmers working 922 million acres of land (don't know if hydroponics was included.) 

Nearly 10 per cent of same sex US couples live in rural areas and are more likely to be "families of color raising children."

They are "more likely to be low income and are two times as likely to be receiving public assistance."

Perhaps this is just me, but I can't see how having seminars about lesbian farmers is going to do them or us any particular good.  My reasoning is that farms are traditionally located in rural areas, not urban.  Rural areas are by definition, "out in the country."  Towns reflect the population - or lack of it - and are accordingly small.  Everyone knows everyone else and if they don't know the individual personally, they certainly do any or all gossip about them.

Thus, by all logical rights, the lesbians (if any) are as well know in any farming community as any "white, rich, male" farmers.  Given the paucity of rich farmers, perhaps the lesbians are much more noticeable?   What the hell - enjoy your seminars, ladies. 

Editor's Note - I regret not citing sources, but everyday I read the Daily Breeze, LA Times, Drudge Report, White House Dossier, Weasel Zippers and the Daily Mail, UK, and cannot remember who headlined it. 


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