Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jon's Markets Barbecue Section

Granted, am not the most well-travelled grocery shopper, but I've never seen this before - an in-store barbecue counter.  Jon's is labeled "Smoked Meats" and looks like a bigger, deeper deli section. 

Butcher type males in long white aprons rule this area.  Order at one end, pay at the other.  On offer are smoked chicken, beef ribs, tri-tip, sausages and probably more.  And sides.    It's right next to the "regular" deli section (sandwiches to go) and the fresh bread basket.  Which is probably the only reason we came across it - proximity to baguettes!  Once I got my hands wrapped around one of those babies I was ready to check out and go home. 

We'd gone in there specifically for "dinner meat" the foundation for whatever we'd decide to have for dinner.  But:  upon arrival at the bbq counter, we looked at each other and stepped up to order.  Dinner meat was never easier...

We bought the Meat Lover which consists of half of a smoked chicken - "White or dark meat, ma'am?" (white) four very meaty beef ribs and a huge heap of pulled beef brisket - $11.99 for dinner for two twice.

I much prefer pork ribs, but these were well-smoked and as stated, very meaty.  I don't like chicken particularly so turned over critique to Richie who said it was good and who certainly polished it off with some gusto.  The pulled brisket was pick of the litter for me.   The second night, I fluffed it out with chopped red onion, chopped pickled jalapeno slices, a glob of srirachi-garlic bbq sauce and had a nice sandwich.   

Buying barbecue at the supermarket is a lot easier than phoning in an order to your local bbq shop (assuming you're lucky enough to have one - the South Bay is remarkably short of any bbq places) and going over and picking your order up.  Walk in, beeline to the counter, order, finger some merchandise or do other shopping and come back, pay for it and go.   Doesn't get much easier than that. 

Jon's Market, 4848 W. 190th, Torrance

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