Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Swimming In a Sea of Stupidity - and Sewage

Gleaned from the Daily Breeze, LA Times, Daily Mail (UK)

The opening ceremonies will include 12,000 various teams marching in to the venue, each with its own little samba band.  Unknown:  if the samba dancers will be not wearing any clothing as is usual.

Giselle Bundchen is to star in a brief movie about avoiding the tunnel between the airport and town.  The 400 ft. tunnel is a favorite hiding space for robbers on motorcycles and apparently she is to be shown being robbed by a group of them.  *

This will be old news to the resident as there were 300 robberies per day reported in 2015. 

Meanwhile, the press is suffering.  They have been issued a media village which features unfinished bathrooms - the "shower" is a hole in a bathroom wall that leaks water as well as flooding toilets.  Media stations are paying $239/night for these accommodations for their stalwart announcers and reporters.

And they - the media - need not think that they can flee to the workplace for succor.  The TV Building on Copacabana Beach was flooded and could have collapsed into the sea when it got a pounding by 15 ft. waves during a freak weather event. 

Lago Stadium currently consists of naked scaffolding and bags and bags of garbage at the entrances.  Great worries about whether it will be finished in time for Friday's gala opening and then, of course, the ongoing concern that it will stay up.   

Runners have been warned not to practice after dark for fear of being robbed, but a motorcycle escort seemingly was not considered.  Usain Bolt and his fellows are holed up in an airport-adjacent motel with their own chef. 

Water competitors have been asked to keep an eye out for the body of a cab driver who attempted to flee robbers by reversing away from them, fell down a rocky shore and into the water.  The cab has been recovered; driver's whereabouts - or body - unknown.

A great number of "somebodies" made quite a bad decision when they picked Rio as an Olympic site.  I wonder how much money changed hands and who - if not all involved - got most of it.

Carry on and good Olympics to all of the competitors.  Survivors will attend a gala post-games.   

*  As of 8/3/ this event featuring Ms. Bundchen has been cancelled and was incorrect to begin with - a small boy runs up to her for a selfie, her bodyguards chase the kid away.  All of the above took place near a taco cart.  Now located on the cutting room floor.

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