Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cleaning Out My Office Turns Up Correspondence with Donald Trump

Murf Ink, my PR company, was my occupation in the '90s.  I had a pair of off-road racers and a beginning relationship with Pro Stock team owners and drivers - three brothers named Tom, Dick and Harry Scribener.  They hired me to promote them into full sponsorship for their car. 

At the same time Donald Trump was making a yuuuge splash in the media.  So I looked up his address and wrote him a letter, excerpts below -

March 22, 1990

Mr. Donald Trump
The Trump Organization
725 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10035

Dear Mr. Trump:

In the event you are interested in promoting the Trump Taj Mahal in a unique manner, may I suggest a one-time partial sponsorship of either a pro stock or top fuel drag racer at the NHRA Summernationals to be held July 4 -- 8, 1990, in Englishtown, New Jersey?

This event, in addition to garnering a lot of East Coast media attention and drawing a weekend audience of 103,000 fans, will be televised nationally on NBC Sports on July 22nd, 5 p.m. EST.

The sponsorship of either driver would give you a chance to dominate public attention in a new area for you.  The even will run from ...

Drag race fans are affluent (58.5% have annual incomes of from $30,000 to $74,000) blah blah
"They present great potential as guests at the Taj Mahal."

I am pleased to be able to offer for your consideration  blah blah

Because you have the opportunity for sole name rights on the Scribners... blah blah

As your casino already has an imposing reputation for elegance and sophistication, perhaps a slogan like "The Taj Mahal IS for every Tom, Dick and Harry" - might be beneficial in covering yet another market.

I look forward to your thoughts on this matter,

April 19, 1990

Dear Ms. Murphy:

Mr. Trump has received your letter of March 22, 1990, inquiring about his interest in sponsoring either a pro stock or top fuel dragster at the NHRA Summernationals in Englishtown, New Jersey.

While he appreciates your bringing this opportunity to his attention, regretfully, it is of no use to him at the present time.

Thank you for writing Mr. Trump.  We wish you much success in your endeavors.

Norma I. Foerderer
Assistant to the President

2016:  The "Trump Train" top alcohol funny car driven by Clint Thompson in the Northwest division of the NHRA finished the 2015 season ranked number 34 nationally.

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