Monday, August 15, 2016

The Old Moscow Mule Is New Again

Many of you of responsible drinking age in the '70s probably had a kick or two from the Moscow Mule, served in the classic copper mug.   A perfect cooler in the summer, they are a simple combination of vodka, lime juice and ginger beer.  Since vodka was the main alcoholic boomph carrier, the "Moscow" was presumably from Russia.

But what was old news to old drinkers seems to have found a new audience.  My attention was first brought to mules back in May at Peohe's, Coronado Island, where it was prominently mentioned on the drinks menu and my luncheon companion ("Raffish") decided to have one.  Since he's only 41, it was "new" to him.   He enjoyed it and I thought no more about it until last night ...

Post-Jazz Club, we decided to have a drink and something to nosh on at Hudson House (previously favorably reviewed.)  The mule popped his nose over the stable door with a little card stapled to the bigger drink menu and a choice of four types of mule.

The Hudson - vodka, ginger liqueur, lime and ginger beer

El Rey - tequila, grapefruit juice, lime and ginger beer

La Vida - mescal, creme de cassis, ginger beer

Garden Mule - gin, cucumber, mint and ginger beer

These variations never appeared in the '70s when I knew mules.  But a little research shows that they are much older than that.  In 1941, three men were sitting around the bar of the Chatham Hotel, NY,  trying to come up with drinks that utilized their particular products -  Cock and Bull Products (ginger beer) and two guys from the vodka divisions of Heublins and Smirnoff.  It's heartening to see that a drink can last 75 years.  Bottoms up and clang your copper mug on the bar top with gusto!  The mule is still kickin'!

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