Monday, August 8, 2016

How Did We Miss This?

We have company coming in from Israel in September and wishing to entertain them, I've been looking for enlightening amusements.  Two very nice ones are -

Flight Path  which is near the south runway at LAX and contains a modest display of old (model) airplanes, china, silverware and glassware from 1st Class, and a variety of flight attendant uniforms all the way back to the '30s.  It's small,, easy to cover and if you are an aviation buff, a very pleasant hour or two. 

Automobile Driving   This, too, is not far from LAX, and is a hangar-sized space (was once a car dealership) with a great many "old cars."  What makes this unique is that on weekends, you can sign up for a (free) ride in one of the cars!   They rotate the vehicles around much like you would a stable full of horses.  Inside the museum, you are allowed to take your picture in one.  The docents are all quite knowledgeable and all in all, it's a pleasant hour or so.

And then I smacked my forehead and muttered "Presidential Libraries" and So. Calif. is lucky enough to have two - Richard Nixon, Orange County, and Ronald Reagan, Simi Valley. 

I don't think the party is important faced with a chance to see history.  We've so far been to the Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Dwight Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt and the two here. 

I went to look up the pertinent data on admissions, hours, etc. and to my amazement, there's a second Reagan museum in Santa Barbara dedicated to the Summer White House - Rancho Cielo, north of Santa Barbara.

The actual ranch house is off-limits; this museum is located in Santa Barbara and announces its presence with a 5,000 lb. block of the Berlin Wall.  Inside Reagan's blue Jeep Scrambler centers what looked like a huge room with a 28 ft. long timeline, his old saddle, chain saw (how many former presidents can say that?)

There is a virtual tour of the ranch itself and previous visitors include Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth 2 and Mikhail Gorbachov.

Free admission in Santa Barbara, but I think Simi Valley has either a ticket cost or parking fee.  Santa Barbara is 90 miles away, much of it is a beautiful drive along the ocean and there are a lot of very good restaurants there.  The Army isn't the only thing that travels on its stomach ...

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