Wednesday, August 3, 2016

All Writers Are Thieves

Most of us make no bones about it either.  Plagiarism is stealing someone else's words and pretending that they are yours.  If you cite a source, you're just stealing not misrepresenting for money or street cred.  Every time any of us says "Hello" ...

Today's amused me mightily.  The article mentions that the Boston police in Roxbury have purchased - for $89,000 worth of taxpayer's money - an ice cream truck to roam the streets and give away free "Hoodie Cups" of ice cream to the residents..  In the six years since 2010 when this program began, only 120,000 free cups have been given away.  Winter must cut into the bidness. 

   The article is certainly factual enough, nothing to steal there. 

But the Comments are an entirely different matter!

"First time it rolls into the hood, it'll be hijacked at gun point and cleaned out."

"Meanwhile the guy who makes a living and pays taxes, maintenance, health insurance, maintenance is getting wiped out."

"The icing on the cake would be to hire a pedophile to drive it."

Sign on a van "Free Gun Cleaning and Repair - no questions asked.  To Protect and Mollify"

"Stop off at the station for free re-loading - free ice cream while you wait." 

I would cheerfully thank these people publicly if all of the names weren't screen names and thus un-knowable anyhow. 

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