Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Is Wierd Any Way You Look At It

This morning I was reading the Daily Breeze main section and page four made me exclaim, "Great Caesar's  ghost!"  Richie looked up from the sports section inquiringly. 

It was a photo layout of the results of a contest for Best Costume - Dogs.  I stared for several seconds at the picture of a dachshund "carrying" a black table-clothed tray with a number of airline-sized liquor bottles apparently glued onto it.  As the caption was "Cocktail wiener" and I am used to that meaning a small dog wearing a mustard-dressed hot dog bun you may understand my confusion.

To see other ghastly imaginings of our fellow Americans,

Meanwhile, fellow South Bay Writer's member Jay Simpson forwarded the following:

What is a Mummies' favorite kind of music?
Wrap, of course!

Why did the ghost walk into the bar?
For the BOOS, of course!

 My personal best wishes for a happy Halloween with the caveat - Don't let this happen to you!  One memorable year, several local grade schools bussed in trick or treaters.  As our street is only three blocks long and none of us were expecting that much company --it wasn't pretty.   You might want to consider road blocks and where best to put them...

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