Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Going Back in Time

Funny how unlikely things can trigger memories.  A case in point -- Richie lucked into the late Huell Hauser's visit to a local "California gold."  He caught him in the middle of his (trademarked, I feel sure) "Oh mah go00sh!  Lookit that!"   

What prompted this response was a bottle of old-time soda that he held in his hand, while standing in an aisle at Galco's Old-Fashioned? Time? Soda store.  Any road, the Website is galcos.com.  He was mid-interview with the proprietor.

The two of them were raving about - well, the owner really was the raver - about a beverage y-clept Plantation-style Mint Julep-flavored soda.  He all but kissed his fingers as he described the mint flavor - wholesome, refreshing - you get the idea.

At the site, I encountered the Dry Soda line and it occurred to me that you could serve these sodas with select foods just as a sommelier matches wines to foods (or vice versa.)

With no further adieu ...Dry Soda -
Juniper Berry - skip the 5 o'clock martini and drive home just fine

Lavender - perfect with tea and scones or cucumber sandwiches

Vanilla bean - next to a cold dish of vanilla ice cream

Lemongrass - with Thai foods

Rhubard - er, uh, just enjoy it on its own.  If that's possible.

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