Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SoCal - You So Crazy!

We here in California are under a four year drought and much ado is made in the local media about it.

The latest news (as of today) is that all of the lovely people who did rip out their grass front yards and pour gravel, who take minimal showers (get wet, turn off the water, soap up, rinse and get out of the tub/shower)  are about to get hit with higher water bills courtesy of the DWP. 

Along with all of the people who didn't comply at all.  The drought-wary were also punished by having to pay taxes on the rebate they got for doing the good stuff!

Meanwhile, LA Times columnist Steve Lopez is doing a continuing piece on who in Bel Air and Beverly Hills are the water hogs, using as much as 6,000 a day!  The DWP refuses to out them, saying they are protecting these people from possible retaliation from those who are obeying the rules.

Ahem, but up north, their DWP didn't hesitate and made public a list of the water hogs found there.  One apologized, saying his pool leaked.

Everyone who ever said (or thought) that California was a state populated with nuts and flakes was absolutely right - and that goes double for our politicians.

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