Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Knell Of Doom or How To Know You Are OLD!

It's one thing to receive word from AARP when you turn 50 that they are standing by, just panting to be of service to you.  I think most of us react the way I did - "Piffle!  50 isn't OLD!" and blithely tossed their material in the wastebasket. 

However... when Reader's Digest sends you a free copy of the magazine,  that's it, folks.  You're officially ancient.  

Show of hands here - how many of you had a grand parent that subscribed to Reader's Digest?  Double points if it was kept in the bathroom.    Uh huh - and how many times have you thumbed through one gleaning for the humor columns in a doctor's office?  I thought so.  The eye surgeon's subscription is for the LARGE TYPE version. 

My day of reckoning came yesterday along with the October 2015 issue.    However very often one can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, so here are tidbits for you.

Scramble eggs and then cook them on a waffle iron - they'll be perfect for making a breakfast sandwich to gobble on the way to work.

Egg slicers can chop up strawberries very quickly.

Use your turkey baster to make custom pancakes.  Load it with batter and "draw " away.  Outline the shape (Santa, autumn leaf) and then fill it in.

Keep fresh basil, cilantro or parsley in a drinking glass with water on the kitchen counter.  Basil particularly likes a sandwich bag over it to keep the basil breathing moist air. 

I'm getting a subscription ($10) but will not be keeping it in the bathroom.  I'm not THAT old yet!

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