Friday, October 16, 2015

Dorothy Had Her Ruby Slippers...

Photo by author

and these  are mine.  They will never appear at a movie star's memorabilia auction even though at least three pairs of "authentic ruby slippers" have.   Hollywood always (or at least used to) make several  twin outfits.

No, Nordstrom Rack has a good supply of these Keds which come with white or red laces (as shown) and mine were $30.

Some time ago, the Physical Therapist Lady urged me to get "a pair of lace up shoes" which immediately gave me horrific visions of brown lace up oxfords.  As in "Remember Buster Brown school shoes"?

"No," I rationalized, "Fall and winter will be here soon and my Ugg boots will suffice just as well."  And then the heat hit.  So I staggered on (literally) in various pairs of boat shoes.

I wasn't getting anywhere with them because the 1/2 in. lift put my heel above the rim of the boat shoe.  Boat shoes are not designed as slip-into household mules. 

Finally, I gave up.  Incidentally, it is not uncommon to have some loss in bone length after a hip replacement - I don't know about a knee replacement, but if you're contemplating one, look it up or ask your doctor.

Three days later, I am very nearly gamboling around like a colt his/her first time in the meadow.  I find myself having to remember to take my cane with me. 

Ruby slippers can take many guises.

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