Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The latest media uproar and intended scare from the vegans -- eat lunch meat and red meat and DIE prompts my cynicism which was beefed up by the fact that you would have to eat 1.7 lbs. of either PER DAY to risk cancer. 

Richie gave me a BB King CD and I promptly stuck it in the car's player.  Nodding and tapping my thigh along with the BB-ster during one of his laments about how good he'd been to his former love mate, he sang, "I gave you seven children!" and I thought, "This begins to explain it all ..."

The "little girl" who was dragged out of a classroom by a cop is 16 years old, reportedly hit the cop first  and is by no means delicate. 

It's all in whom you believe. 

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