Friday, October 30, 2015

How To Hit Someone and Make Them Feel It

Our friend "Raffish" is not only a medical doctor, a black belt in karate, but an anatomy professor  whose hobby is combining karate with anatomy.  His first book "Breaking Points" is a scholarly treatise on how to react when threatened physically.  If you want to know how to kill someone, with little danger of getting hurt yourself,  I recommend it.    "Self defense" rarely brings trouble to the defender, ahem, from a legal point of view.

His second book "Cereus and the Rarest Thing" is biographical in nature and takes readers on a beautifully described tour of Okinawa, arguably the first to practice the sport.   Both books are available through

His newest project is a You Tube video describing the anatomical side of karate.  You can see it (and "Raffish") by Googling  "anatomy of fist and skull - YouTube."

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