Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trump - Short for Self Trumpeteer

"Never Enough - Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success' by Michael D'Antonio   Thomas Dunn Books   387 pages   $26.99 

There are a lot of Trump-focused books out there - many of them written by D. Trump - so this is just more of much of the same.

 I read it to get a better grip on who he is and not what I think he is - a blowhard with some good ideas and no idea whatsoever how to implement them. 

The didoes and divorces of two out of three of his wives were interesting enough, but I was focused on the deals.  I have always enjoyed deal making (my truck license plate is DELMAKR) whether as a spectator sport or as a protagonist.

This touched my greedy little heart ... one of his casinos in Atlantic City was faltering before it got off of the ground and The Donald needed money.  The Donald cut a deal with The Daddy wherein The Daddy bought $3 million worth of chips, a liquid asset where in bits or all, the "debt" could be more or less instantly reclaimed, foregoing the tedium of a loan with all of its tiresome clauses about timely repayment, floating interest rates, etc.

I like that.  I really do.  Pity I don't own a casino.

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