Friday, October 9, 2015

Death Becomes Him

The LA Times front section ran a defensive article re possible candidate Joe Biden:  "But factors beyond his control are intruding on Biden's deliberations.  Outside ruminations on his tragic personal history have had the inadvertent effect of giving his grief an off-putting veneer of opportunism."

Er, who told the media that it was dying son Beau's deathbed wish that he run?  Uh, who told the media "weeks before his son died" about the car crash in 1972 that killed his first wife and their year-old daughter?

Sorry Michael Memlin (article author)   Biden did. 

Not "outside ruminations."  Nice try, no cigar.

And Paul Prudhomme, age 75?
Most of his adult life he was morbidly obese; at one time weighing in at 500 lbs.  To his credit, he did try various diets, but was quoted as saying that he felt best at around 350 lbs.

No cause of death was reported, but he only died yesterday.   I'm no doctor (I think we all knew that) but I would imagine that diabetes will be in the cause of death column.  When a person needs a motorized wheelchair to get around's sad.

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