Sunday, November 1, 2015

Proposing a New National Holiday

Admittedly this idea came from a long-standing tradition in another country.  That would be the British celebration on December 26th called "Boxing Day."  For years, I wondered why they all got up and put on boxing gloves and apparently spent the day duking it out.

Brits are different - madly eccentric say many.  "Eccentric" is the polite description of "barking mad"  over there and another example of the exquisite tact of our friends Across the Pond. 

Boxing Day is the day that envelopes of cash or treats were boxed up for the servants (for whom Christmas was just another working day.)

My idea has nothing to do with Christmas or boxing.  It comes much earlier in the calendar year; November 1st to be specific, the day after Halloween.

Trick or Treaters are an uncertain quantity around here -- several years ago, our street (three blocks long) had school buses bringing them in.  Yesterday we had one group of six kids and no one else. 

This kind of uncertainty means we either have to buy out Smart & Final Iris or Target bags of candy or turn off the porch light and hide in the backs of our own homes. 

Richie traditionally over buys because, "What if the school buses come back?"  (They haven't in nearly 20 years.)

Today we have a generous supply of individually-wrapped mini-bars.  I already have a generous supply of cellulite and really, I need no more. 

Thus was born the annual, national day event that I would call


Invite people - family, friends, neighbors in the same situation (candy glut) -  to an  Exchange Party and start the wheeling and dealing.  Any monies offered in bidding wars could be donated to a charity such as Put the Teeth Back in Our Kids Mouths.

Word:  to ADA members (dentists) we know what you look like - don't crash our GET THIS STUFF OUT OF MY HOUSE! DAY  We have ways of dealing with you. 

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