Friday, November 27, 2015

More Tidbits

Yesterday, Jay Simpson. a fellow Thurs. Writer, sent a very timely reminder to us all.  If you didn't see it (or forgot to do it) it's not too late to set your scales back 10 lbs. this morning. 

Ports Report
Many of you already know that one of my favorite outings is the Sunday all you can drink free champagne brunch at Ports O Call, on the water in San Pedro.  They also do it on Thanksgiving and that's where Richie and Raffish and self spent a good part of the afternoon (2 1/2 hours to be exact.) 

Despite having reservations, I was concerned that there would be so many people there that it would take half an hour just to get to the food layout.  Such was not the case.  Staff was expecting 600 guests yesterday, but apparently they all come in the late afternoon as there were several empty tables around us.   Thus we didn't feel guilty taking our time eating and going back for a little of this and perhaps a bite or two of that...

I debuted the transporter wheelchair as food tray with great success.  Open it, put your napkin on the seat with the plate on top and push it around, lifting the plate to serve yourself, then putting it back on the seat and going on to the next food station.    You're welcome!   

Black Friday seems to be something of a dud so far - no one trampled at the doors and subsequently hospitalized (or buried.)  No screaming, hair-pulling fights among the  women (and certain of the men) shopping...

Much is made of Feed the Homeless! on Thanksgiving Day but I have to wonder about two things:
1.  Is that the only nice meal they get all year round?
2.  Do they not get the treasured leftover sandwiches the rest of us love?

A good one is:  white "air bread" (aka WonderBread( slathered with mayonnaise, layered with white meat turkey, spread-out dressing with a grind of black pepper and a kiss of cranberry sauce (optional.)  Put the other slice of air bread on top and squish the whole thing down to one-third its height and eat.  Air bread is the critical factor in my estimation. 

They are seasonal and they are called Porch Package Thieves.  Apparently the season has started for them.  Local police are looking for a woman who was driving slowly, spotted a UPS box on a porch, stopped, approached the house and rang the doorbell.  No answer so she picked up the package, got back in her car and drove away.  

If you are waiting for a delivery and can't be home, ask a neighbor who can see your porch to bring it in to their house immediately.  

Our UPS guy is thoughtful enough to put anything for us (if we don't answer) on the back step below the porch level.  It's then invisible from the street.     

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