Monday, November 9, 2015

Meme Busting

I had to look up "meme" which is a word I've often heard used, but was never exactly sure what meaning was intended.  This morning I learned it is a form of passing information from one person to another which may or may not be true.  Urban legend comes to mind.

Very well.  Now we all know. 

The meme I've heard all my life is:  Republicans are just a bunch of fat cats, interested only in protecting themselves and their fellow rich cronies (love the word "cronies") but conversely, the Democrats are veritable saints on earth, protecting the rights and fortunes of the poor.

Now I have no objection whatsoever to protecting what is one's own, the things one might have sweated and strained to obtain.  Conversely, I rather resent the idea that someone else (Democrats) would try to usurp my ownership and use my money to aid in their saintliness.

Call me cranky.  But, comes now, this information (via the LA Times,  11/8/15.)
California sends 55people to Congress.  Of those 55,  20 are millionaires.  Of the 20, 16 are Democrats and four are Republicans. 

Hmmm - so much for the time-worn meme. 

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