Friday, November 20, 2015

Paris Cancelled and Other Tidbits

Paris - the world for that matter - is just too unsettled to be visiting at this moment. 

Two Air France flights were diverted in US air the other day for bomb scares; yesterday a flight from Paris to San Francisco made a U-turn over the English channel and landed safely back at Charles De Gaulle airport.  The word was that ALL US-bound flights were cancelled by Air France for that day.  

We're ticketed on Air France.   

As much as I love France, I don't want to live there  right now - we'd miss our cats and the bird.  Perhaps in February - the tix are good until March, 2o16.

Ivory Tower Assholes

Today's winner is one Bruce Ackerman, Yale professor of law and political science, who has gotten his knickers knotted up to his patrician little nose.  The cause of his disquiet?

First paragraph:  "In calling for a war against Islamic State, French President Francoise Hollande is engaging in a tragically counter-productive enterprise. Under international law "war" can only exist between sovereign states.   Hollande is rashly giving  Islamic State precisely what it wants - legal representation."

I printed this in full because I am just not creative enough to make up shit like the above.  


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