Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bits & Pieces as the Day Goes Along

President Obama has called for us to discuss guns and presumably gun laws over our plates at the Thanksgiving Eat-O-Rama.   This is not a good idea for any gathering of my family - they'd pull them out and show them!  And then go out in the yard for a target shooting contest.  As alcohol is always involved at these events, you do see my point. 

Unlikely Beauty Pageants
(source:  Talavera Bruce maximum security prison, Rio, is having their annual beauty pageant.  The purpose is said to be to "raise their self-esteem and humanize them."  Toward that end, a 31 year old drug trafficking prisoner remarked that it was her first opportunity to meet her 10 months' old grandchild.

On my own, I discovered that Recife, Brazil, has a similar contest and last year's winner was a 19 year old murderess.

Nairobi, Kenya offers as a prize the opportunity to learn how to apply make-up as a leg up for job hunting on release.  Unfortunately, the winner was a death row inmate. 

A Thanksgiving Toast
"We can't choose our families, but we can, by God, choose our friends!"

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