Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Accidentally Beating Out Black Friday

Not that we ever "took advantage" of Black Friday anyhow.  Around here, if you need something (or think you do) you go out and buy it.  Which can make Christmas present shopping a real bear but that's another story for another season. 

Yesterday we happened to be in the neighborhood of the local La-Z-Boy showroom and since Richie needs a new recliner  - "Thanks, cats - having the same chair for 30 years wasn't good enough for you?" -  we went in.  There were acres of the damned things and Richie turned into Goldilocks and test sat in every one of them. 

He settled upon an oxblood leather that swivels and rocks like a porch swing as well as goes nearly flat.  Sensationally comfortable.  When we finally looked at the price, a little item we hadn't bothered with previously, we were somewhat confused.  The regular price was shown with a line through it and the sale price listed, but on top of all of this was additional information - take 25% off of the sale price - which explained the "cheat sheet" pricing info sheet the clerk had handed us, making mention of Black Friday.  

Since it was Monday, we grinned at each other.  There were only two other shoppers in the whole store!  No crowds!  And the price was considerably lower.  We snapped it up and one is being delivered on Saturday.  The day after Fred the Cat goes to the vet to have his nails clipped.    

But I got to wondering about the La-Z-Boy history since they seem to have been around all of my life (and I'm 75.) 

Back in 1928 a pair of cousins in Monroe, MI. got together - Ed the woodworker and Ed the farmer - and created the original out of orange crates designed to be a porch swing.  In time, they added upholstery making it a "year around chair."   The fledgling corporation had a contest to name it and La-Z-Boy won.   I couldn't find the winner's name so that part will linger in the mists of time. 

And in future mists of time, we'll have to replace it - but never on a Black Friday if we can get there on a Monday!

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