Friday, November 6, 2015

$100 Million - And Still No Takers!

Architectural Digest arrived yesterday and one of the full-page ads is offering "Sycamore Valley Ranch" formerly Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch for $100 million.  Sotheby's has the listing and they should be ashamed of themselves. 

Clearly no one is that interested in living in a pederast's home since it has been on the market since 2012.  Defiantly, the price has always been the same and you see what it's gotten Sotheby's - zip.

The sale price includes 2,600 acres, but, alas, Google as I might, I couldn't get the specs one usually does - number of bedrooms, baths, special attractions (fireplaces, solar-heated pool, etc.)

I can tell you that I wouldn't pay 100 pennies to even tour the place.  Jackson should have been buried upside down as an expression of DISrespect. 

During all the foo-foo-roo surrounding his death, we disembarked to visit Michelle in Paris and when the Custom's guy asked me the purpose of the trip - "Business or pleasure?" I replied, "To escape Michael Jackson!"  and he roared, stamped my passport and said, "Bonne chance!".

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