Monday, February 7, 2022

Would you eat peanut butter bacon- flavored ice cream?

 Taking a wild stab here -probably not  But your dog will!

You read that right - doggie ice cream!  Richie's niece got one for Duke or was it Dolly's birthday?

They had a variety of choices - prices range from $3.49 at Dogstar

Or Ben and Jerry's for $12.99 per pint, (PetCo)each which could backfire on you if some prankster puts one in with the human pints.  Be safe - make your own Nice Ice - take a couple of bananas and put them in a blender and freeze them.  I suggest mashing the finished product into an ice cube tray for a more or less portion-controlled serving.

Never give a pet chocolate and if your pet gets into the Valentine leftover candy get it to your vet on an emergency basis - it is.

Sidebar - Pantyhose stretched over your mask are said by experts (I couldn't find one)to be far more efficient in virus defense than any other - unless you're a sex pervert.  You do run the risk of arrest if spotted.  Or the luck of a good alibi.

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