Saturday, February 19, 2022

First You Kill the Lobster

How to kill a lobster - using a dagger-like knife, stab straight into its head.  To make sure it's dead, then toss it into boiling water.

My source - The Irish Cook Book $34.79;   480 recipes  Published Feb. 26, 2020  "Consider it a course on Irish cuisine.  There are 5 lobster recipes but that's not all!

Scallops in brown butter as well as mussels,  sea urchins.   Cockles and bread crumbs  

Crab with curry and pineapple   Charred  Octopus with  a seaweed glaze

Potted Shrimp which is basically cook, the shrimp blender it and packed in Irish butter becoming a cocktail dip for toast points to scoop.  The spices used are vinegar and dill.

I was amazed to find venison  dishes are often on menus.  Where do the Irish hide them?  The Aran Islands?  What we ate during a tour in 2006

Full English breakfast of a pair of strips of bacon, fried tomatoes, black pudding, buttered toast, eggs sunny-side up.  All of this was served buffet style.  Pub Lunch - plowman's lunch - big chunk 'o cheese inside a couple of slices of bread with a big slice of sour pickle.  Dinner one night was shrimp in rosemary sauce - very similar to tartar sauce.  I got the impression that the cook (not chef level) ground up a bunch of fresh rosemary and mayonnaise. 

An Irish drink - "Dublin Lawyer"

1/4 cup Jameson's Irish whisky    4 cups of heavy cream    white pepper to taste and one dead lobster

This can double down as Dublin Lawyer ice cream. when frozen 

If, after reading this you may be wondering "ta f--k???'  Cockle?  If you just want to see one pay Cap'n Kidd a visit and ask about any exotics.  His fish market's goods are delicious - the shrimp cocktail is 4 great big shrimp, sauce on the side for $6.  Harbor view from the outdoor tables.  Cap'n Kidd's is located at the north end of the Redondo Beach Pier.  Hidden from the street behind the condos.

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