Monday, February 21, 2022

Bye, bye Grannie - Your flight is loaded and ready to go.

You'll be up in the wild blue yonder before you know it.  Or maybe you're already there?

Yes, we followed your instructions and booked American.  You never DID fly any other line.

Yes, I know - American or nothing.

Yes, I'm sure, I watched them, uh, "board" you.  You don't remember?  Not surprising - you did die of Alzheimer's disease.  

My source is a retired crew member of the baggage bunch and  he has loaded more than several

But you wanted to know how staff at American receive the plain cardboard? box and where they put it. The box is loaded head first "Because that's how you'd be if not dead.  Dead is a great deal more expensive than a live passenger $10,000 to $20,000  and you don' even get a get a window seat.  Start a Funeral Fund tomorrow - ya think?  

If your flight attendant, addresses you by saying Tom Cruise,?  he/she was asking you if you wanted Tea or Coffee.  Little Sidebar here

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